art delivery : 11.27.21

Ahhh, I can almost smell the salty sea air… and I’m suddenly in the mood to collect beach rocks. This is the abstract work of Canadian artist Michelle Heslop, and here’s a little snippet from her bio:

Inspired by her current home's location near the Salish Sea, Michelle’s work explores the mutable abstract landscapes of the seaside. Informed by her deep connection to the natural world, her work captures organic forms, lines and textures that invite ease and contemplation. Characterized by vivid washes of color and natural shapes stitched together with intuitive mark making, each piece represents a dialogue of interconnectedness to the landscapes and people around her.

Beautiful. Her online shop has a lot of SOLD signs, but good news, Michelle’s releasing a brand new collection on DECEMBER 2, so keep an eye out for that! You can follow Michelle on Instagram at @michelleheslop.

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Happy weekend ~ Danielle

ps. If you need any jump-starters to get your creativity flowing this weekend, here are a few of my favorites from my first book, ‘Creative Block’. Have fun!

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