art delivery : 07.24.21

These ladies don’t need a spotlight, as they’re practically glowing already, but I’ll give them one anyway. This is the work of Andrea Sinclair, a Canadian artist based in Melbourne Australia. Now, not all of her paintings {oil on panel} have this striking black background, but this was the series that grabbed me instantly. Andrea painted this body of work, titled “Abyss”, in 2020 ... hm, 2020 + abyss… yep, that sounds about right! You can follow Andrea on Instagram

They had me at ‘strawberry coffee table’. I was already a huge fan of California based artist Lorien Stern, and then I saw this single wide trailer, aka her home in the Mojave desert. Um, it’s like living IN one of her installations! Lorien and her partner Dave, @davesclubhouse, apparently know how to make everything… right down to watermelon slice knobs for the bathroom cabinet!? These photos {except for the bathroom pics which I found on Lorien’s Instagram feed} were shot for the summer issue of BUST magazine by Petra Ford. So. Much. Fun!!! Speaking of fun, have a fantastic weekend, and I’ll be back with more art for your inbox on Monday ~ Danielle