art delivery : 11.13.21

Well, I hate snakes but this little guy is lovely. Today’s ‘Society Member in the Spotlight’ is New York based artist / illustrator Caroline Casey. Washy yet detailed, with a little touch of ‘mythical’ in each painting. Dreamy. You can follow Caroline on Instagram at @occult_emoji, and check out her online shop right here.

I’ve recently realized — thanks to Andy J. Pizza’s “Peptober” prompt to “reintroduce yourself to your community” — that I’ve never actually introduced myself! So, every few weeks I’m going to toss out a personal tidbit. Today’s tidbit: Hello, my name is Danielle and I have a small obsession with true crime. In fact, I kinda wish I was a detective (who also makes art). Now, given that fact, how can I NOT show you this flow chart created by Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell aka @cartoonsbyhilary. It’s from her new book, Murder Book: A Graphic Memoir of a True Crime Obsession”, and it is perfection! Case closed.

Have a lovely, creative weekend and I’ll see most of you on Monday ~ Danielle