art delivery : 04/03/21

Nah, just kidding… the Easter Bunny is much too busy to be on the podcast this weekend, but I’ll get her another time. Also, the very next episode that goes up will be no.200!!! ie., I’m taking my time to put together something extra fancy. Ooh, but, be sure to stay tuned for a brand new episode of “Paint Chips on AFYE” with Pennylane Shen, coming soon!

*Lovely painting above by French artist Nathalie Lete.

Gasp! This week’s member spotlight is pointed directly at New Delhi based artist Charuka Arora. She has recently moved from painting into collage, and you can feel how much fun she’s having just by looking at these pieces! Pearls, sequins, beads and old magazines? Yes, please. Follow Charuka on Instagram at @charukaarora.

It’s true! I really am making embroidered badges… every art society needs their own badges, right?! These are the 3 designs {all 3”round} that are being made as we speak. I’m going to do a limited edition run of 100 sets of 3, and the minute they’re back in my hot little hands, they’ll be in my shop for you!

Have a lovely, creativity-filled weekend. See you on Monday ~ Danielle

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