art delivery : 04/24/21

Found bits and pieces of, well everything, magically turned into miniature sculptures? Yep, this can only mean one thing… Philadelphia based artist & animator Lydia Ricci is on the podcast today. Not only is her work super fun, so is she! We covered everything from a printmaking crime she tried to cover-up, to her most short film about the disturbing sale of some pantyhose. Really. Oh, and we even had time to come up with THE perfect art retreat. I won’t give anything away here, but let’s just say you’re gonna want to meet us in a dollar store parking lot in 2022! Look/listen on the site, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

But wait, the nostalgia continues…

Ahh, Toronto based painter Rob Croxford and his super clever, beautifully executed, “Sign Language” paintings… bonus points if you know which movies these “signs” are referencing! Yep, Lydia and I started the 1970s vibe, and Rob is bringing it home. Here’s part of his artist statement for a bit of insight:

As a child of the 70’s, I was mostly raised by television and movies. Advertising and pop culture became my religion and the wisdom I gleaned shaped my sensibilities as an artist. As a result, my paintings are a carnival of colour and whimsy. This theatricality has been a through-thread in all my artwork … My new series of paintings is the culmination of all my obsessions. By integrating iconic movie quotes into the landscape of well worn roadside signage I am merging pop culture, nostalgia and humour. This blend of elements creates something familiar and yet completely new!

So fun! Okay, have you guessed which movies these quotes are from? A. The Devil Wears Prada / B. The Wizard of Oz / C. Mean Girls … but you knew that, right? You can follow Rob on Instagram at @robcroxford

Have a lovely, creativity-filled weekend! See you on Monday ~ Danielle