art delivery : 05/01/21

Ah, the first of May… in lieu of a new podcast episode today, please enjoy this insane installation by Moskow based, Canadian artist Kristi Malakoff. “Maibaum” {2009} is a life-sized maypole made entirely of BLACK PAPER… look at the girl’s curly hair! PAPER?! I’ve seen this beauty in person, and as you can imagine, it’s even more jaw-dropping up close.

Fun Art Fact for Future Art Historians: Kristi and I were in the same dance class when we were teenagers in the ‘80s, but neither of us realized we actually knew each other until I was interviewing her in 2012 {via email : Vancouver > Russia} for my first book, Creative Block. Crazy, but true.

So. Much. Tape. Today’s member spotlight is casting rainbows all over the place! This is the work {and gorgeous home studio} of California based artist Cheryl Sorg de Mollerat Du Jeu. Years ago I wrote about her “Portals of Hope”… an ongoing series of shiny compositions that bring happiness to unsuspecting alleys, sign posts, staircases, etc. Personally, I like to I imagine them being the love children of rainbows and graffiti. You can follow Cheryl on Instagram at @cherylsorg. FYI: that top most piece is a lamp!

THE SOCIETY BADGES ARE HERE! Well they’re at my house, but very soon they’ll be in my shop for YOU. Ah, my inner girl scout is so happy {I had alllll the arts ‘n craft badges… the badminton badge, not so much.}

So, I only made a limited run of 100 sets of three, so I’ll be letting subscribing members know when they’re ready a few days before I post to Instagram… membership has its privileges, as they say. They’re each 3” round, the set of three is $15, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Have a lovely first weekend in May, and I’ll see you on Monday ~ Danielle