art delivery : 05/29/21

… and it often doesn’t … like this brand new episode of ART FOR YOUR EAR, for example. Normally I have a format, but today I was highjacked! California based artist, illustrator, business owner, mother and artist interviewER Carissa Potter Carlson {aka @peopleiveloved} tried to interview me!? Yep, it gets tricky when you turn the mic on someone who’s used to asking all of the questions. Anyway, this may not be the ‘normal’ AFYE, but it sure is a lovely, open, inspiring, kinda raw talk between two artists who are both “bad at keeping secrets”. Look and listen on my site, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts and/or Spotify.

Oh my word… LOVE! This is the ‘custom ceramic and hand-spun rope’ work of LA based artist Cindy Hsu Zell. Hand-spun rope!? Yes.

My approach to art stems from this love of nature and movement as well as a deep curiosity about form, texture, and minimalism. I create sculptures using mindfully-sourced materials from nature: wood, ceramics, stone, and natural fibers. 

I’m gonna say it again… LOVE! You can follow her on Instagram at @cindy.zell.

Have a wonderful, creative, relaxing weekend. You deserve it. See you back in your inbox on Monday ~ Danielle