art delivery : 06.05.21

Ceramics, stained glass, agates, mushrooms, thrift shops, grandmothers, grief, and haircuts… quite a combo, but I promise it will all make complete sense, and it will be awesome. I’m so excited to have Seattle based artist Emily Counts on the podcast today. I became a SUPER FAN about two seconds after I saw her work for the first time, and I haven’t looked back. Look/listen on the site, or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. {Bio photo by Amber Fouts for Luxe Magazine}

Today’s member spotlight is shining on the nostalgic mixed media work of US based, French artist Twiggy Boyer. I’ll pass it over to Twiggy for the description:

“Memories are recollections of the past, a collection of fleeting moments ingrained within us forever. In my work, I seek to explore how our own memories are often parallel to another person’s. I believe that we have all shared the same sort of memory as someone else but from a different perspective. My pieces aim to bring a sense of connection to one another through filters of culture, traditions, and time. I want to bring the viewer a visual experience and an emotional response-- borrowing aspects from the memory of others, I mold them into my own and aim to create new ones for others to borrow from.”

Beautiful. Follow her on Instagram at @sarahtwiggyboyerart… oh, and she also happens to be the founder of Photo Trouvée Magazine. So. Good!

HAPPINESS IS : curating a show at ‘The House of Novogratz’ in Venice Beach, featuring the artwork of 11 fabulous female artists… and, it opens TODAY! If you happen to be in LA, pop over to Abbot Kinney Blvd for the opening soiree from 4-7pm. Art & Rosé? Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday! The show will be installed in this lovely little pink house until August 1st. {Thanks to Robert & Cortney Novogratz for inviting me to curate this show, and huge thanks to their amazing team in the shop who helped make this come together! If you’re not in LA but you’d like to buy something from the show, email them at: }

Participating artists: Kristin Moore, Stephanie Vovas, Tara Lee Bennett, Catherine McMillan, Martha Rich, Cheryl Sorg, Natalie Ciccoricco, Lorien Stern, Jillian FitzMaurice, Jacqueline Tse, and Daisy Patton. Now THAT is a lineup!