art delivery : 07.10.21

Happy weekend!

So, here’s a thought… now that the podcast is on hiatus till September, wouldn’t it be fun if I shone lots of spotlights on lots of NSTATMA members? Yep! I’m kicking things off with this very summery group of three:

Sprinkles, rainbows, melty goodness… but don’t eat ‘em! These sculptures are LA based artist Betsy Enzensberger’s “Original Melting Pops”, and the pieces featured here are just the tip of this fabulous iceberg! Now, not only can you choose your “flavor”, you can order one of these beauties in small, medium or LARGE. Hm. I’m pretty sure I’m going to need one of each… extra sprinkles! Follow Betsy’s adventures on Instagram at @betsyenzensberger.

Ooh, I can almost feel the cool mist coming off the ocean. This is the ethereal mixed media work of UK based artist Eve Lumai Bridges aka Eve Illustration. Her focus? “Forgotten archives, lost memories and decaying imagery.” Sigh. Beautiful. Follow Eve on Instagram at @eveillustration.

Okay, those color palettes are killing me. These lemony fresh paintings are from the ‘Still Life’ portfolio of American artist Joanne Hastie. She also paints landscapes, cityscapes, and abstracts but, oh boy, these loose ‘n lovely vignettes are calling my name. Refreshing glass of pink lemonade, anyone? Yum! You can follow Joanne on Instagram at @joannehastie.

Ahhhh… lemonade, a trip to the beach, and popsicles. Okay, now that is a good summer Saturday! I cannot believe how many fabulously talented artists are members of this fancy society… actually, of course I can. Have a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday with more ART FOR YOUR INBOX and a little #MondayMotivation… I already know I’m gonna need it ~ Danielle