art delivery : 09.04.21

In today’s spotlight… paintings? Nope, a dreamy combination of photography & embroidery by Brisbane based artist Marisa Veerman. Oh my word, it’s all so lovely! Here’s an excerpt from her ‘about’ page:

Marisa Veerman creates work inspired by childhood innocence, fragility and emotion that draw the viewer inwards, making visible, the abstract human emotion. This vulnerability is juxtaposed against an abundant strength. Her gestural work communicates emotion to us with a raw honesty and quiet joy … Marisa’s work offers a reprieve from the world around us and encourages us to pause, breathe and take time to reflect.

Sigh, I will happily take some time to breathe. Thanks for the reminder, Marisa. Follow her at @marisa_veerman, and find her available work via Lethbridge Gallery, Paddington QLD.

… drumroll please … Congratulations, Deirdre Hofer! I drew Deidre’s name from the list of subscribing NSTATMA members, and I’ll be popping a box full ‘o signed books in the mail for her on Monday morning. ps. Stay tuned because I have a few more giveaways coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Yep, when the summer winds down, ART FOR YOUR EAR comes back! I’ll be kicking off a brand new season of the podcast starting next Saturday! Oh, you guys, I have so many amazing guests lined up for you… you’re gonna love it. Until then, have a lovely weekend, and I’ll see most of you on Monday right back here. ~ Danielle