art delivery : 09.11.21

“Tasting chartreuse”, lying in fields of peonies, and sitting under tables at some of Canada's most important art events. My first guest of this brand new podcast season is Anong Beam. She is an artist, a mother, a paint maker, and she’s from an Ojibwe family - the daughter of Carl and Ann Beam - that is part of both Canada’s Indigenous history and art history. Now, if any of you use Beam Paints… and I already know that a LOT of you do, then you might recognize Anong as the founder of this beautiful, sustainable, creative brand. Listen to our conversation on my site, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts and/or Spotify.

ps. Anong and I are giving away a “mixing six” set of paints, and a signed copy of my kids’ book… because that’s what female Canadian artists do! You can enter to win by commenting on Anong’s post on

{Bio photo by @j.cassonphotos}

Speaking of beautiful little circles of paint, how about shining this week’s spotlight on some paint-filled acorn caps? Yep. This is the mesmerizing work of Colorado based artist Julie Maren. She has a background in painting and collage, but she’s found a new “canvas” to work with:

“‘Biophilia’ wall-sculptures are the result of my journey to take my paintings out of the confines of traditional square and rectangular canvases. I found paint filled acorn tops to be the perfect vehicle to transcend the omnipresent dot patterns in my paintings, indicative of space and time—and transform them into expansive, multi-dimensional murmurations of color and shadow—like coordinates on a three-dimensional grid … Appearing as bouncing dots of color, projected at different depths on the wall, these multi-dimensional “paintings” play with shape, color theory, microscopic and macroscopic perspectives.”

They sure do! Follow her on Instagram at @juliemaren. Happy weekend ~ Danielle

{Bio photo by @donalaurita}