art delivery : 10.02.21

Yep, it’s that time of year again! A prompt a day for the the entire month of October, thanks to the lovely folks behind #INKTOBER… and they kicked things off yesterday with CRYSTAL. I love it already. How many of you are doing it? Are you going to try it for the first time? Well, whether you play along or not, you can follow along at @inktober. Have fun!

Today’s spotlight is shining on California based artist Bushra Gill and her gorgeous geometric-meets-organic mixed media work. Sigh. Now, not only is her work a beautiful combination of layers, so is her bio and statement!

Bushra Gill graduated from Pratt Institute in 1994, with a BFA in sculpture. After many years of working as a museum educator at various galleries and museums including The Museum of Modern Art, The Drawing Center and The Rotunda Gallery in New York, and a career as a clothing designer and boutique owner, she moved to California in 2009 and returned to making art. 

“I tessellate images from everyday life using colored inks on drypoint prints of geometric patterns, often Islamic. With a structure imposed by the pattern, personal and narrative images hide in plain view without being the sole focus.  The printed patterns are a point of origin for plays on color and spatial structure.  Exploring the idea of privacy, the hidden images are present but veiled, like my hair which I cover with a scarf in public.”

I mean, WOW… what an amazing background, and such a thoughtful concept behind her work. Pop over to Instagram and follow Bushra at @bushradraws.

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Have a lovely weekend, see you on Monday! ~ Danielle