art delivery : 10.09.21

Are you tired? If not, listening to everything Vancouver based artist Sandeep Johal is doing might make you wanna take a nap! Murals, residencies, installations, solo shows, oh, and she also has a 6 year old son. Told ya. This busy, full-time artist went to university for... biology? Yep. She refers to her twenties as 'the lost years', but as you can see, she is now very much found! Look and listen on my site, or download episode no.213 wherever you get your podcasts.

Digital? Nope! These acrylic paintings are the work of Australian artist Vanessa Newell. I’ve included a snippet from her artist statement, and a caption from one of her Instagram posts… they’ll explain everything:

Statement: “As I get older I find that I am becoming more interested in dualities; the things we say but don't necessarily mean, or the way we look which no longer equates to how we feel inside. In my paintings, the concept of duality can be seen in the connections between past and present, and the juxtaposition of traditional techniques with new technology.”

IG: “While finding my way back to painting I have been exploring what it is about the work that makes my heart sing. I have decided that it comes down to two things: a powerful composition and super strong contrasts. Of course nobody knew this better than the old masters! What better way to try and channel some of their knowledge by making new interpretations of classic paintings.”

Smart! Follow Vanessa at @vanessanewellart.

Have a lovely weekend… and to my fellow Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Danielle