art delivery : 11.20.21

You guys... @andreaanimates, aka Andrea Love, is on the podcast! Tiny felted banana splits, and miniature pots of spaghetti come to life through her absolutely mesmerizing stop motion videos. Before we recorded, I asked my Instagram community to give me their questions, and oh boy, they had a LOT of questions which, of course, we completely covered. Oh, and also right before we recorded… Andrea had just found out her short film, “Tulip” (made in partnership with Phoebe Wahl), had qualified for an Oscar. AN. OSCAR. Look/listen on my site, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

Today’s ‘Society Member in the Spotlight’ is American artist Angela Burson. You might recognize the broken arm painting above, because when I curated Create Magazine a few issues back, I picked that beauty for the cover! That said, “We Held Owls” may’ve just become my favorite new piece in her portfolio. Beautifully painted, and it’s inspired by / titled after this photo of Angela’s kids holding owls… so frickin’ cute! You can follow Angela at @angelaburson.

Have a lovely, creative, coffee (or tea) filled weekend ~ Danielle