art delivery : 01.15.22

EGG. SHELLS. Seriously. This is the delicate, beautiful work of Elisa Sheehan… delicate, beautiful work that began because of a happy accident: “What started as a studio warm-up exercise has turned into this ever-growing and expanding collection of artwork. As I spent the freezing cold hours of 5-7 am in my studio each morning, I doodled in cleaned eggshells originally slated for the compost in order to warm up my body and mind. As my collection of eggshells grew, I turned to painting in them as well. A chance pre-dawn eggshell painting session where I dropped and shattered a shell I’d been painting led to the connection of the ancient Japanese practice of Kintsugi practice to my eggshell paintings. I hand paint each eggshell before gold leaf is carefully applied as a visual representation of kintsugi. Each delicate eggshell carries not only visual beauty but representation beauty and meaning as well.”

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