Oh I needed that quote today!!! And I came across Ian’s work awhile back while doing research on cloud/sky art and so nice to be reminded of it here. Those orange and pink ones 😍

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This was a wonderful read and a v timely reminder. I recently went for an urban sketcher meet, my first time, and I was v hesitant to make mistakes while sketching real time, but I am going to recall this painting every time the fear of ugly surprises enter my mind. Thanks again :)

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Wow, I love the pink clouds!

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i wonder what god must think about when he sees us sleeping at night

i wonder where he goes when i have forgotten to think about him most

but i love how he remembers me more

and how he gives me the feeling of my heart only being filled with gold

and how my body is like clay

only for him to mold

the road map in the sky will help us all get back

to our homes.

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Thank you for Ian's cloud paintings. They're wonderful!

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